I’m an e-commerce expert: I’ve developed e-commerce websites and businesses since the late 90s, and I’m currently Senior Product Owner at Booking.com – the world’s 3rd largest e-commerce site. Currently my fascination is using personalization, persuasion and inspiration to make that hard sell online.

I’m a software developer: I have worked with web and software development since 1996, mainly with Perl on the LAMP stack. I’ve led large development teams and built high-impact services.

I’m a psychologist-in-training: I have a B.Sc. from the University of Sydney in Psychology.

I’m a photographer: Occasionally my photos show up on print and online, so I have some claim to be more than a mere dabbler in the art.

I live for travel and work in travel:  With my wife, travel writer @angelarhodes, I aim for visiting every country in the world in our life time, with our first milestone being a 100 different countries before we both hit 40 years.

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